Nova Montessori Open Day 2023 - Saturday Octover 28 2022 10am to 2pm
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About Nova Montessori School and Early Childhood Centre

History In 1988, Marsha Morgan and Pauline Matsis formed Garden Montessori School, the first Montessori Primary School in the South Island. As the school grew, it was registered and known as the Ripple Educational Community and then to Nova Montessori Primary School. By 2002, the school had established two locations…

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Montessori Teaching And Learning

Background Maria Montessori was born in 1870. Throughout her early years she was very interested in science and engineering. She wanted to become a medical doctor. Because she was a women, the establishment turned her away but she persisted time and again until she gained entry into Medical School. Her…

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The Montessori Children’s House (3-6 Years)

Ages Three – Six In the original Italian, Dr Maria Montessori coined the words casa dei bambini, which translates to Children’s House. We use the term Children’s House to designate a Montessori preschool because we do not view it as “pre” school. We see it as a very relevant “school”…

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The Montessori Primary School (6-13 Years)

Maria Montessori’s vision for Primary education, which she described as Cosmic Education, can be described today as holistic education: the importance of providing a coherent, overall context for each area of study by engaging the child’s imagination in the evolutionary narrative of the universe and of life, and showing how…

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What Our Parents and Children Say


Nova is my school, my home, my life. One of the best things that has ever happened to me. Another of the best things that has happened to me is meting you, my mother, my sister ,my Friend. I have made friends. Lots of friends. The Friends I have made are so special to me I could never bear to let them go. Friends and family are the two things I love most about life. Nova is life to me, to everyone. It’s our past, our future, our present. It’s our SUPER NOVA. I LOVE YOU NOVA!!!!

Jemma Student
Natalie and Jonny Collins

Liam and Jemma have loved their time at Nova. We have too, as parents, because there are so many ways we have been able to share in the education of our children- through field trips, school camp, discussion groups and the PTA. Nova has provided an environment to nurture an enthusiasm and love for learning. What more could we want from a school?

Natalie and Jonny Collins Parents

Nova Montessori 30th Birthday Celebrations